How CoolSculpting Freezes Fat

By sandeep on 11/09/2016 in CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a popular procedure in the Tampa and Palm Harbor area due to its non-surgical nature. Patients who want to eliminate stubborn areas of fat on their abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, outer thighs, back fat, banana roll, medial knee and double chin without undergoing invasive procedures like liposuction are flocking to the CoolSculpting treatment.


Now Offering a New and Improved CoolSculpting Applicator!

By sandeep on 08/11/2016 in CoolSculpting

At Moraitis Plastic Surgery, we are the first practice in the Tampa Bay area offering a new CoolSculpting applicator that allows for a quicker, more comfortable CoolSculpting experience! The new applicator, the CoolAdvantage™, has many advantages for patients including: Shorter Treatment Time Our applicator cuts treatment time in half to just 35 minutes due to


The 411 on CoolSculpting®

By sandeep on 06/03/2016 in CoolSculpting

Many patients struggle to eliminate stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thankfully, there is a new easy solution: CoolSculpting®. CoolSculpting® in the Tampa Bay area is a non-surgical treatment that freezes away fat cells, resulting in a slimmer figure. You’re self-confidence will skyrocket! CoolSculpting® is the only FDA-cleared treatment to freeze


How to Prepare for CoolSculpting

By sandeep on 02/23/2016 in CoolSculpting

If you haven’t heard about the amazing results from CoolSculpting, you are really missing out. CoolSculpting works to flush and rid of the stubborn body fat in problem areas such as hips and stomach. If you’ve made the decision to undergo a CoolSculpting procedure, there are some things you should do to prepare yourself before,


Tips to Maintain Your CoolSculpting Results

By sandeep on 02/08/2016 in CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has been creating a wave of amazing non-surgical results in the plastic surgery world. CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells but keeping the healthy tissue untouched, leaving you with a slimmer, smoother area. During the weeks following your procedure, your body works to rid of the fat and final results will reach their peak


10 Reasons to Try CoolSculpting

By sandeep on 12/21/2015 in CoolSculpting

Bikini Season. Feel confident at the beach or by the pool this summer with CoolSculpting! Don’t let anything stop you from catching some rays and showing off your confident self. With CoolSculpting, you’ll be excited to jump in the pool and take those summer beach pictures with you friends and family. No more shapewear. No


Take Care of Your CoolSculpting Results

By sandeep on 12/08/2015 in CoolSculpting

The demand for CoolSculpting is on the rise! With fast results that last, this quick and easy procedure is a must have when looking to get back your beach body after the winter. Like any procedure, follow-up care is extremely important for the best results. To ensure ideal results, follow these 4 tips below! Schedule


CoolSculpting: The Alternative to Invasive Surgery

By Dr. Moraitis on 11/24/2015 in CoolSculpting

People who regularly exercise and maintain a healthy diet can still have troublesome fat that can’t be eliminated through diet and exercise. For many of these individuals, they may steer away from procedures like Liposuction, because of the surgical aspect and required downtime afterwards. There is a new, revolutionary way to eliminate unwanted fat cells


Understanding CoolSculpting

By Dr. Moraitis on 10/06/2015 in CoolSculpting

With everyone raving about CoolSculpting, how much do you know about its benefits? Here is a quick look on what this procedure can do for you: Benefits of CoolSculpting No surgery and no downtime! Since it is a non-invasive procedure, patients in Palm Harbor, FL return to work and exercising immediately after their treatment. No


Visit a Plastic Surgery Practice for CoolSculpting

By Dr. Moraitis on 09/28/2015 in CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is fast gaining popularity with its offering of an option to loose fat without surgery or any downtime. The perfect cosmetic procedure, CoolSculpting uses targeted and controlled cooling for removal of fat cells from your thighs, back, love handles, belly and arms. Patients in Palm Harbor, FL can visit a Certified Coolsculpting Practice like


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