In Palm Harbor Cosmetics, breast implants are measured by ccs. Implant ccs do not directly translate into A, B, C, D, or DD; though, Florida patients may use bra measurements to explain their desires. Why measure in ccs? Bra sizes change for different reasons.

  1.     Weight Fluctuation

When patients gain and lose weight, their bra size may change. Breasts are composed of fatty tissue; when overall body fat decreases or increases, the body reacts accordingly. Bra size may not indicate the current, or desired breast size.

  1.      Cup Variance

Different Palm Harbor retailers may carry the same sizes but offer different fits. Patients may find an A cup at one retailer but fit into a B cup at another retailer. Measurements between retailers are not always similar. For this reason, a plastic surgeon may make their own measurements before a procedure.

  1.      Style Variance

In addition to the listed cup size, patients may also notice variance according to style. A T-shirt bra style may fit differently than an underwire option. When considering implant size, it is important patients consider these variations.

  1.     Asymmetry

Although a patient’s breasts may be similar, often one is larger than the other. A bra may be fitting the naturally larger breast as opposed to the smaller; the bra might give patients a false sense of their current or desired size.

  1.      Age

Desires in size change over time as do the size of actual breasts. Pregnancy and natural aging deplete volume. Your body accommodates exercise regimens or eating habits; your body reacts accordingly. Although patients may be wearing one bra size now, it may not be a good indicator of actual size.

Plastic Surgeons keep these factors in mind during a consultation. Dr. Moraitis of Moraitis Plastic Surgery in Palm Harbor can size patients individually. Palm Harbor residents can choose detailed measurements before their procedure. For more information about consultations and sizing, patients can call 727.219.9168.