Women in Tampa choose breast augmentation with Dr. Moraitis in order to restore lost breast volume after aging, pregnancy, or excessive weight change have taken their toll. Breast augmentation also allows women who are unhappy with their smaller breasts to achieve their ideal silhouette.

When Dr. Moraitis performs breast augmentation, he uses either silicone or saline breast implants to increase fullness of the breasts. During your initial consultation and preoperative appointments, you will discuss your different breast augmentation options with Dr. Moraitis including breast implant types, placement of the breast implants, incision types, and profile type of the breast implants.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Dr. Moraitis works with each of his breast augmentation patients on an individual basis to ensure every woman gets the results they want! And while the biggest benefit of breast augmentation is increased breast size, there are many reasons women in Tampa choose this cosmetic procedure.

Women who suffer from asymmetry of the breasts greatly benefit from breast augmentation because they are able to restore balance to their figure. Dr. Moraitis is able to customize each implant size in order to balance out the breasts, so they are symmetrical in shape and size.

Also, women in Tampa who have experienced excessive weight loss, pregnancy, or who have breastfed in the past often have breasts that are deflated and sag a little too close to the waistline. Dr. Moraitis can perform a breast augmentation in conjunction with a breast lift in order to help these women regain their youthful shape and position on their chest.

Not only do women benefit from breast augmentation in physical ways, but they also benefit psychologically. Almost every woman Dr. Moraitis performs breast augmentation for can attest to this fact. The immediate boost in self-esteem and pride is life-changing!

Breast Implant Type

At Moraitis Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Dr. Moraitis offers both silicone and saline breast implants to breast augmentation patients. While both are FDA approved and effective at providing women with substantial change, they vary in their benefits.

  • Silicone Breast Implants – This type of breast implant feels more natural and is more durable than its counterpart, saline implants. For women who have limited breast tissue available, Dr. Moraitis usually recommends this type of implant, as they look more natural under the skin.
  • Saline Breast Implants – These breast implants look natural but should be placed appropriately depending on the amount of breast tissue the patient has. Saline implants come deflated and are filled only after they have been placed within the breast pocket. This means a shorter incision is required.

Breast Implant Placement

There are several things to consider when preparing for breast augmentation. Along with choosing which type of breast implant is best for you, you’ll also need to discuss implant placement with Dr. Moraitis.

To decide on the best placement of your breast implants, Dr. Moraitis will consider your body frame, the amount of breast tissue you have, and the results you’re looking for.

Most women in Tampa choose to have their breast implants placed below the pectoral muscle. This positioning is less prone to capsular contracture, allows the breast implants to stay in place more predictably, and causes less interference with mammography testing.

Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Women in Tampa who want to restore their breasts to their former, youthful appearance must meet several requirements before Dr. Moraitis will agree to perform breast augmentation. The best candidates for this elective cosmetic surgery should:

  • Be in good, general overall health
  • Be in good psychological health
  • Pass a preoperative appointment with your general health care provider clearing you for elective plastic surgery
  • Provide Dr. Moraitis with your entire medical health history during your initial consultation
  • Be a non-smoker or promise to quit smoking at least 4-6 weeks before and 4-6 weeks after breast augmentation as smoking can complicate the procedure and recovery
  • Listen to Dr. Moraitis describe breast augmentation and communicate back to him that you understand the procedure
  • Communicate to Dr. Moraitis that you have realistic expectations for your breast augmentation

These requirements mean that you can afford breast augmentation, are aware of what you can expect from your results, and you can realistically handle your recovery in a positive way.

What Is the Recovery from Breast Augmentation Like?

Breast augmentation is a life-changing procedure that gives women a completely renewed life. After your surgery with Dr. Moraitis, you may feel heaviness on your chest, pressure from swelling at the surgical sites, and sensitivity in your breasts and surrounding areas.