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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Moraitis

Sagging breasts. There are many misconceptions about the cause, as there are supposed remedies.

Myth 1: Pectoral exercises like bench pressing will diminish the droop.

Fact: While these exercises can enhance tone, they can’t change the shape or positioning of the breasts. A breast lift is the only viable option for returning breasts to their previous elevation.

Myth 2: Breasts droop because of too much bouncing.

Fact: Breasts sag because supporting ligaments and skin stretch over time.

Myth 3: Breast size stays constant throughout a woman’s lifetime.

Fact: Breast size results from hormonal, weight and lifestyle changes in addition to pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Myth 4. Implants alone will give you lift.

Fact: Implants restore fullness. A breast lift is the only method to restore sagging breasts.

Myth 5: Creams, potions, lotions, and supplements can restore breast firmness and perkiness.

Fact: They are a waste of time and money.

To maintain firm, elevated breasts, Dr. Moraitis in Palm Harbor recommends:

  • Wear a properly fitted bra
  • Keep your weight stable; fluctuation can lead to sagging
  • Sleep on your back to avoid putting too much weight on your front side
  • Keep breasts moisturized and always use sunscreen
  • Maintain good posture
  • Exercise regularly