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After months of speculation, the world finally received confirmation that 17-year-old Kylie Jenner had her lips cosmetically enhanced. Plastic surgery can help an individual by adding to their self-esteem however, this debate has been on the rise: should teenagers be allowed by parents to undergo cosmetic surgery?

As per the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of people under 18 years of age who underwent plastic surgery in 2014 crossed 130,000. Dr. Moraitis of Tampa, FL believes this is controversial, since the maturity level and the ability to make decisions of a teenager are the major issues of consideration.

The very reason why a teenager may want to undergo a cosmetic procedure is questionable. The frontal lobe of a person’s brain controlling impulsiveness, decision making and understanding the consequences of a decision will not be fully developed until a teenager reaches their 30s. A teenager may want to get a cosmetic procedure simply to fit in or to look like their favorite airbrushed celebrity!

Not only should teenagers in Palm Harbor, FL be encouraged to discover themselves; parents should also be aware of safety concerns regarding cosmetic surgery. In some countries like Australia, legislature makes it difficult for teenagers to get plastic surgery. Until this is enforced in the US, parents must be aware that surgery to correct deformities is not the same as a cosmetic procedure.