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Model at Beach in Red Bikini Top and HatBeing beautiful is not as frivolous a term as being hot or sexy. Unfortunately, such terms only lower a woman’s worth to the symmetry of their face or the fullness of their figure. On the other hand, beautiful is an adjective that is far more prestigious.

  1. Passionate women are contagious. One who is continuously excited about life, lives for things she’s passionate about and holds all things close to her heart, is definitely worth being with.


  1. See the real her. Women certainly have the right to wear makeup, but a beautiful woman is confident and does not feel the need to hide behind it. She does things for herself and does not owe her looks to anyone else.


  1. Confident and humble, a beautiful girl does not live to hog the limelight. She does not need to fight for attention with outlandish talk or gestures; her worth does not depend on how many people are around her.


  1. She captivates and enthralls when she talks. If she is smart, talks intelligently and has captivating opinions, it turns her into the woman of your dreams.


  1. She is confident in being alone. Her real beauty shines through her confidence, security and poise where she does not find it important to have a man next to her for approval. She herself is enough.


  1. Mystery and intrigue makes her more appealing when a beautiful woman is full of surprises. It makes you want to spend more time with her and get to know her a little more each time.


  1. Caring and compassionate – real beauty of a woman. A beautiful girl is selfless, doesn’t think before helping others and mends hearts, rather than play with them.


  1. She is bold and open to new ideas and people, without being limited by fears and stigmas.


  1. Her beautiful soul shines through in a way that attracts you to her.


  1. Lastly, there is something special, something that you cannot name about that beautiful girl that makes you feel good to be near her.