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model tummyAre you considering tummy tuck surgery for loose skin or excess fat around your stomach? Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tucks are one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures in the world. There are about 243, 000 tummy tucks performed each year. 

While tummy tucks help many people to get a more sculpted midsection, a common concern is the scarring that can be left behind. Many patients wonder if their tummy tuck will leave scarring behind, and if so, will it be permanent? 

What Happens During a Tummy Tuck? 

During a full tummy tuck procedure, horizontal incision is made along the lower portion of the abdomen. Through this incision, excess fat can be removed, and the underlying abdominal muscles will be repaired.If there is loose skin around the midsection, this will also be removed. 

Some patients have what is called a “mini tummy tuck,” which is a less extensive procedure. This is reserved for those with a small amount of loose skin or stubborn fat around the midsection. Mini tummy tucks involve smaller incisions made along the lower abdomen. 

Tummy Tuck Scars: Do They Fade? 

Since tummy tuck procedures involve incisions, there is the potential for scarring after your procedure. A concern that many patients share is how prominent this scarring will be and whether it will be permanent.  

Tummy tuck scars can eventually fade to be nearly undetectable, but only with the proper aftercare. Immediately after your surgery, there will be a bright red scar wherever your incisions are made. During the initial weeks of your recovery, you will need to keep these incisions clean and moisturized to reduce their appearance over time.  

Dr. Moraitis will instruct you on which products to use, and you will be given detailed instructions on how to care for your incision. Failing to adhere to this aftercare may result in more prominent, longer-lasting scars.  

Patients who carefully follow their aftercare guidelines see excellent results in terms of scarring.  

Redness starts to go down in the first month following surgery. At about six months post-op, the scar will start to diminish and begin to lose all pigment. Around this time, patients typically notice the redness fading to a light pink or white shade, and the scar will begin to shrink in size.  

By one year post-op, most patients are left with a thin, very faint scar along the abdomen that is barely detectable. This scar will continue to fade over time and become less significant until it is invisible in many cases. 

You’re In Good Hands 

If you struggle with loose skin or stubborn fat around the abdomen, a tummy tuck procedure could help you achieve a more flattering midsection. At Moraitis Plastic Surgery, we perform both full and mini tummy tuck procedures.  

Dr. Moraitis is double board-certified and brings proficiency to every treatment. Our team of professionals approaches every patient with care, providing each person with an unmatched level of care.