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A facelift is a surgical procedure to reduce wrinkles and eliminate excess skin. The results leave you looking years younger. However, many people fear that a facelift will make them look fake. Fortunately, your results depend on many factors.

Why Do People Fear Facelifts?

Many people feel that every facelift looks unnatural or over-pulled. The results are that everyone can tell you’ve had a facelift and you look fake. Unfortunately, for many people who’ve had facelifts, this is completely true.

Natural-Looking Surgical Facelifts

You can get natural-looking results with a surgical facelift. The key is to find the right board certified plastic surgeon. Choose a great plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and concerns with. Let them know that you want the most natural-looking facelift possible. You may also want to have some other procedures done in conjunction with the facelift, such as a brow lift or eyelid lift. Again, tell your surgeon you want the results to look natural. Your surgeon will devise a treatment plan that meets your goals without giving you an unnatural appearance.


If you’re afraid of an unnatural-looking facelift, you don’t have to avoid a surgical facelift. Dr. Moraitis will work with you to craft a plan that meets your goals while ensuring you look youthful and natural. For more information about facelift and other cosmetic procedures, contact Dr. Moraitis today.