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Female With Large Sized Breasts in White TankLast year, as people returned to work after the pandemic, both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures saw a boost in popularity. According to the Aesthetics Society, there were 365,000 breast augmentation surgeries in 2021, making it one of the most requested procedures.

If you’re thinking about having breast augmentation surgery, a phrase you may come across is “drop and fluff.” It refers to an integral step that happens after the augmentation.

Learn more about “drop and fluff” and what to expect from your breast augmentation procedure.

How Does Breast Augmentation Work?

Breast augmentation is a procedure that enlarges or changes your breasts’ size and shape. To perform the procedure, the surgeon places implants behind the breast tissue or below the chest muscle. Each implant is a shell filled with saline or silicone.

The type that will work best for you will depend on the size of implant you want, how your surgeon will insert it, and several other factors.

The most common technique for breast augmentation is for the surgeon to make an incision on the underside of the breast in the fold of your breasts. They will then insert the implant through that incision.

Another option is to insert the implant through an incision under your arm, which can help you avoid scarring around your breast.

Your surgeon can also decide to insert the implant through an incision around the edge of the pigmented skin circling your nipple, called the areola.

Your surgeon will insert the saline implants empty and then fill them once they are in place, or they will insert pre-filled silicone implants.

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure, and you are discharged the same day. The procedure uses general anesthesia.

What Is “Drop and Fluff”?

Dropping and fluffing is a phrase that describes the process of the implants settling into place in the chest wall. When the surgeon first inserts the implants, the tissue around them will be very tight and will hold them high in the chest.

As time passes and the tissues around the implants recover from surgery, the skin and muscle relax, letting the implants move slightly lower to offer a more natural look.

The dropping part of the “drop and fluff” refers to the action of the implants moving to a lower position. They will drop until they sit at the bottom of the breast, giving it a natural teardrop shape.

Fluffing refers to skin expansion. The skin has to stretch to accommodate the implant, but as tissues adjust, the tightness eases.

Drop and Fluff Timeline

Each person is different, and recovery times can vary, but most people experience the drop and fluff process anywhere from three to six months after their surgery. Remember that if you have your implants placed under the muscle, you will have a slower drop and fluff timeline.

The implants will sit high in the chest in the first several weeks after surgery. They will then begin to settle into place, though each breast can do so at different rates.

After about six weeks, you will start seeing a reduction in the upper fullness of your breasts, while your lower breast areas will start filling out as planned. After about six months, the implants will be in their final spot, though for some it can take up to a year.

Various factors can affect the timeline. If the implants are large, they may drop sooner. Your own breast size and muscle development can also determine when the drop and fluff will occur.

Breasts are not entirely symmetrical, and this means that one breast implant may drop sooner than the other. Usually, the implant with more space between the breast crease and the nipple will drop first. You can also help the recovery process by massaging your breasts.

Always consult with your surgeon to ensure you know what’s safe and what recovery tips can help you achieve the desired results.

Turn to Dr. Moraitis for Breast Augmentation

If you want to change your breasts’ size or shape, breast augmentation might be the right option.

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