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Laughing Brunette in Purple Bra and PantiesWhen it comes to a Clearwater woman’s silhouette, it’s all about proportions. Whether you’re hitting the sand and surf in your favorite beachwear, or out on the town, you want to look feminine and feel your best. Some women, however, have a shape and figure that they don’t like. Whether they feel their shoulders are too broad, their torso too short, or their hips are too wide; these women just don’t feel as though they’ve got the womanly shape they desire. A breast augmentation, however, can work wonders to balance out a woman’s proportions and figure, making her have that ever-so-desirable hourglass silhouette. To help you better understand how a breast augmentation can do more than add volume to your breasts and cleavage to your chest, here are three ways a breast augmentation can balance a woman’s figure.

  1. You Have Small Natural Breasts with a Pear-Shaped Body

Clearwater women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes. One common silhouette for women is the pear-shaped body, in which the chest is naturally smaller, but the hips and buttocks are wider and more curvaceous. While many of these women love their lower curves, they wish their top half was more pronounced so that they would have more of an hourglass-shaped figure. With a breast augmentation, using the right size, shape, and profile of breast implants for your unique case, Dr. Moraitis can balance out your top so that you have the curves you want, both at your chest and your hips, with a thinner looking waist in the middle.

  1. You Have a Short Waist and Torso

If you’re a Clearwater woman with a naturally short waist and torso, your figure could look off-balance. Especially if you don’t have naturally large breasts, your chest and waist could look like one straight line, denying you of the upper curves you want. A breast augmentation, however, can add those upper curves, while also making your torso appear elongated. Not only could this help give you the hourglass figure you want, but also make you feel as though your upper body looks longer and is more proportionate to your lower body.

  1. You Are Tall with Naturally Broad Shoulders

If you are tall with naturally broad shoulders, you may be athletically-inclined. Whether you play volleyball, basketball, softball or enjoy swimming, you may lead a more active lifestyle. But, those broad shoulders and toned muscles may make your chest flatter. Every year, Dr. Moraitis works with several athletic Clearwater women to help them balance out their silhouette with a breast augmentation, without going so big that their new breasts interfere with their active lifestyle.

Breast Augmentation Choices

Many Clearwater women who choose a breast augmentation to balance out their silhouette aren’t looking for the more prominent cleavage that saline breast implants provide, but just better proportions for their own body. Most of these women choose silicone breast implants, which come in a round or teardrop shape, and can be placed above or below the breast muscles, depending on your individual preference. You’ll have the opportunity to review all these choices with Dr. Moraitis when you come into Moraitis Plastic Surgery for an initial consultation.

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