blond female chest wearing a white tank with a black sweaterIf you’ve been considering breast augmentation to improve the shape and size of your breasts, you’re likely considering every aspect of the process—from your initial consultation to your final results. And that’s a good thing. Dr. Moraitis wants all of his patients to be well-informed and have realistic expectations for their breast augmentation, including final results and the time it will take to see them.

The truth is, Dr. Moraitis sees many women in Palm Harbor And Clearwater who think that when they wake up from breast augmentation, their breasts will look the way they want them to, and there won’t be any changes other than healing from the incisions. However, in reality, it takes several months to see final breast augmentation results, and women should be prepared for that process. As difficult as it may be to wait, the wait will, in fact, be well worth it. 

After Breast Augmentation, Your Breasts Will Gradually Settle

When you wake up from your breast augmentation, you will notice that your breasts will be a bit high on your chest. Don’t worry. This is normal and is caused by swelling and/or submuscular placement of the breast implant.This response puts pressure on the breast implants, and the implants will raise a bit on the chest.

Not only does this pressure cause the breasts to elevate on the chest, but it also causes the breasts to appear larger in volume. After a few days, your chest muscles will begin to relax, and your breasts will gradually settle into a more natural position on the chest wall and take on the size you expected from your surgery, giving you the natural-looking results desired. 

You’ll See Your Final Results Within a Few Months

Most women in the Palm Harbor And Clearwater area can expect to see their final results within 3 months. However, Dr. Moraitis wants his patients to be aware of several factors that influence this timeline, including:

  • The placement of your breast implants – If you choose to have your implants placed under the chest muscles, they will take longer to settle into a natural position. Whereas breast implants placed above the breast muscle settle more quickly.
  • The type of breast implants – In most instances, traditional silicone and saline breast implants will take a bit longer to settle into place than gummy bear implants will. This is because gummy bear implants are designed to fit more exactly into the breast pocket than their counterparts.
  • Your natural body type – Palm Harbor And Clearwater women who are more physically fit before choosing breast augmentation will experience a longer settling process after their procedure. If your chest muscles are not as muscularly developed, your implants will settle more quickly, and you’ll see your final results faster.

No matter the placement of your implants, the type of implant you choose, or your body type, patients can encourage quicker settling by performing regular breast massages as directed by Dr. Moraitis.

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With more than 18 years of experience providing women all over the Palm Harbor And Clearwater area with amazing results through breast augmentation, Dr. Moraitis has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your body image goals.

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