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In Palm Harbor, Florida, patients schedule consultations wanting to know more about breast augmentations. Before and after photos of patients serve as visual learning devices; individual testimonials are also a great source for understanding surgical outcomes. It is a great idea to glean as much information as you can – that way patients are informed and have realistic expectations from surgery.

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States. Around 286,000 procedures occurred during 2012, according to American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) statistics. To gather data from patients, for patients, ASPS conducted a survey polling 225 women after their experience with a breast augmentation. The results offered good insight into patients’ perspectives on breast augmentation. The survey made the following conclusions:

  •         98% of breast augmentation patients said the results met or exceeded their expectations
  •         92% of patients reported a higher self-confidence after their procedure
  •         85% noted that their size felt “just right”
  •         40% of surveyed women experienced temporary numbness after their procedure
  •         1% were dissatisfied with surgery scars


These women’s answers are one of many great ways to learn more about the results of breast augmentation procedures. Your surgeon can also provide you with procedure information, the ins and outs of surgery, and what may look best; but you are encouraged to learn about your procedure through other sources. In addition to ASPS, website forums, talking to patients one on one and online resources are great sources to collect from. In Palm Harbor, you can come to us for information as well. Our office, in Palm Harbor, has staff and resources that can lend a hand. We can help you understand as much about your procedure and help you feel prepared for your experience.