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In Palm Harbor, Florida, the “girls” can get the spotlight during bikini season. For many women, now is the time for breast enhancement procedures; by the time they heal, it will be closer to summer! Breast augmentations with implants is just one of the many procedures we perform at Moraitis Plastic Surgery. The ladies can achieve a variety of results – they can be higher, more prominent, larger, and fit better in clothes.

Know Your Body

Before your enhancement surgery, you should take some time to think about your body as a whole. The “girls” are just a small part of your larger physique. Just like when you shop for your swimsuit, paying attention to size and fit is important. Women with narrower frames may look “too crowded” with some of the larger sized implants. Those women who wanted more natural results are left with noticeably unnatural breast shape. In Palm Harbor, we offer high profile implants – ones that still give dramatic results, but fits a narrower chest. Similarly, a broader chest will mandate larger implants for noticeable results. Knowing your body type will allow you to make suitable decisions.

Look at the Price Tag

Breast enhancement surgery varies with each type of augmentation. An implant surgery may require different recovery time from a lift or vice versa. It is important you look at what each procedure entails, and how that fits with your desires and budget. Just like a tag on clothing – you can see the make of materials and care instructions. A breast lift might give you more height, for example, but a breast implant will give you more volume.
If you keep the rules in mind, you can navigate your way to the best deals; you get the most out of your surgery.