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model patient and doctor holding two different breast augmentation implant optionsBreast augmentation is a transformative procedure that can enhance your natural beauty, boost your confidence, and help you achieve your desired body contours. Each patient is unique, and selecting the right breast implants is a crucial step in your breast augmentation journey.

Dr. Isidoros Moraitis, a double board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, provides personalized care and ensures you make informed decisions about your breast augmentation. Skilled in breast surgery, Dr. Moraitis exclusively uses Allergan implants, which are renowned for their quality, safety, and natural-looking results.

Types of Breast Implants: Silicone vs. Saline

When considering breast implants, one of the first decisions you’ll face is choosing between silicone and saline implants. Both options have their advantages and considerations:

Silicone Implants

  • Filled with cohesive silicone gel that mimics the feel of natural breast tissue
  • Offer a softer, more natural feel and appearance
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit individual preferences
  • Less likely to ripple or wrinkle than saline implants

Saline Implants

  • Filled with sterile salt water (saline solution)
  • Typically less expensive than silicone implants
  • Offer a firmer feel compared to silicone implants
  • Can be filled to varying degrees during surgery to achieve the desired size

Shapes of Breast Implants: Round vs. Teardrop

Another important decision is choosing the shape of your breast implants. The two primary shapes are:

Round Implants

  • Provide fuller projection in the upper pole of the breast, creating a more pronounced cleavage
  • Ideal for those seeking a fuller, rounder look
  • Can be used for both submuscular and subglandular placement

Teardrop Implants

  • Mimic the natural slope of the breast, with more volume in the lower pole
  • Offer a more subtle, natural-looking result
  • Typically recommended for patients with minimal breast tissue or those seeking a more natural profile

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Implants

Selecting the right implants involves careful consideration of several factors:

  • Your desired breast size and shape: Consider your individual aesthetic goals and body proportions.
  • Your body type and breast tissue: Your natural anatomy and tissue thickness will influence the appropriate implant size and shape.
  • Your lifestyle and activity level: Some implants may be more suitable for certain activities or lifestyles.
  • Your personal preferences: Ultimately, the choice of implants should align with your individual preferences and comfort level.

Dr. Moraitis’ Experience with Allergan Implants

Dr. Moraitis exclusively uses Allergan breast implants, a trusted and leading brand in the industry. Allergan implants are known for their exceptional quality, safety, and natural-looking results. Dr. Moraitis’ extensive experience with Allergan implants allows him to recommend the most suitable options for each patient, promoting a personalized and satisfying outcome.

Your Personalized Breast Augmentation Consultation

Choosing the right breast implants is a decision best made in consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Moraitis and his team are committed to providing the information and guidance you need to help you make the best choice. Contact Moraitis Plastic Surgery today to learn more about breast augmentation and take the first step toward achieving the beautiful, natural-looking breasts you’ve always desired.