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For some patients, magazines may allow inspiration for cosmetic procedures. In Tampa Bay, Florida, patients may bring pictures or clippings to their cosmetic consultation. Although looking at these images may help patients with sizes and desires; they can also limit the results of a procedure. When patients opt for a procedure, it is important they understand the variation in beauty standards.

All patients possess unique builds. Some have a naturally slender build, others possess more curvy builds. When considering your procedure, it is important you keep your individual build in mind. Why? Different features appear differently on varying body types. Although an image may look great on paper, it may not look pleasing on your body.

The media is known to portray certain body types as ideal during certain times. In 2016, a slender build may be more popular, but in 2017 a curvier appearance may gain interest. An article by highlighted how the “perfect” body has changed over the decades. It is important patients understand that beauty standards change.

There is no “perfect” when it comes to body types and plastic surgery. Tampa Bay surgeons work to create artistic results according to each individual patient. In plastic surgery, perfection is not necessarily the equivalent of beauty. Even in the media, some imperfections later become desired. In plastic surgery popular standards of beauty may change over time, but your standard is the gold one.

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