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Every woman has been at the store, in that moment, trying to find the perfect bra. Sometimes this is a difficult task and everything you try on feels wrong. Perhaps, then, you may take comfort in this statistic: more than 86 percent of bras don’t fit any body types at all. You are not alone. But, this question still needs an answer: how should a woman go about finding the perfect bra? Here are some things to consider while shopping in Tampa and Palm Harbor, Florida:

1. Breasts are snowflakes

Breasts are individual and unique to you. Even between the two of them, there will appear major differences. To account for this in bra shopping, you should remember that size, as well as shape is important. Bras differ greatly in these two areas, just like your breasts. When looking at a bra, you should look for a shape and size that best fits your snowflakes.

2. Brands are snowflakes

Perhaps you shop at the same store for your bras, or have grown up wearing one brand. Even if you do have a liking for a particular store, it is important to keep an open mind. If you are like most women, you may be buying the same style again and again. This is not going to help your search. Instead, it is important to open your mind to other alternatives. Every brand has a different style and fit.

3. Purpose Matters

Bras, like shoes are made for certain occasions. You should do not wear a high heel running a 5k marathon. Similarly, you should wear a bra according to the specific occasion. To cover most occasions, there are a few styles that women should own:

An “everyday T-shirt bra” — something that is supportive, seamless, smooth-cup and comfortable in nude (not white).

A strapless bra — for shirts and dresses that don’t have straps. It stays put, no matter if you are dancing or standing still. (Hoisting your bra up every five minutes is not fun).

A supportive sports bra— as a must, this bra locks your breasts in place and prevents movement. (You can do a lot of damage to the ligaments in your breasts if they’re bouncing uncontrollably during workouts).

4. Practicality.

Although bright colors, lace and embroidery are pretty, they may not be practical. If your bra has too many colors or too much lace, it might show through. A good idea during shopping is to bring a few items you wear often. By trying bras on with a T-shirt, a blouse, or a favorite dress, you can determine if the bra is practical for your wardrobe.

5. Fit

Usually, it is recommended to try each bra on. But, when you shop online you need another way to determine your fit. If that is your case, look for sites that show the bra on a woman rather than a bustform. Many retailers offer detailed style information and videos about their products. Also, read the reviews! If you’re feeling anxious about size or fit, order from a company that offers free returns so you can try multiple sizes.

Once you buy bras that are right for you, you can experience a better looking bust. And hopefully, with this advice, your search will be a little easier.