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Enhancing Your Appearance With Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery is a very safe and predictable operation when performed by a board certified breast surgeon with the proper credentials.

Breast Augmentation can help improve size and shape of your breasts and boost self confidence. Breast Augmentation Surgery in Palm Harbor involves placing silicone or saline breast implants either behind the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle to add size, shape, and fullness to the breast. Breast augmentation can make breasts appear larger, balance breasts that are asymmetrical, or restore fullness that has diminished with age, weight loss or as a result of pregnancy.

Tampa Breast Augmentation Consultation

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Isidoros Moraitis, will meet with you to discuss your personal goals and suitability for your Tampa Breast Augmentation Surgery. Dr. Moraitis’ goal is to create a natural and beautiful enhancement that is tailored to your specific needs and desires. He will discuss the various considerations with individualized breast surgery, including the location of the implant (subglandular, below the breast tissue and subpectoral, below the chest muscle), the different options for incision placement and the types of implants appropriate for your surgery. In some cases, a Breast Lift Surgery may be recommended as a combination with your Breast Augmentation Surgery, to achieve the best result

Saline versus Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Dr. Isidoros Moraitis offers both saline and silicone implants for breast augmentation. A great feature of saline implants is that they have a flexible fill volume, allowing the doctor to adjust the implant to improve on any natural asymmetries you may have in your breasts. Silicone breast implants offer a more natural feel, resembling your own natural breast tissue. When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Moraitis about your Tampa Breast Implants, he will help you decide which type of implant is best for your individual needs and desires. Click here for more information about saline and silicone implants.

Breast Implant Placement

There are two options for breast implant placement: subglandular or submammary, which is behind the breast gland and above the pectoralis major muscle, and submuscular or subpectoral, which is under the pectoralis major muscle. In some patients, subglandular breast augmentation can be used to achieve a “lifting” of the breasts, alleviating the need for additional incisions. Several reasons that submuscular breast augmentation is the most common option for implant placement is that submuscular implants are less prone to capsular contracture, the implant position is better maintained over a longer period of time making the breasts less prone to sagging, and there is less interference with mammography testing.

Breast Augmentation Incisions

Selection of Breast Augmentation incision locations basically boils down to patient personal preference. There are three options for placement: Transaxillary (in the armpit), Periareolar (at the base of the areola), or Inframammary (breast crease). Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Isidoros Moraitis, offers all three options for breast augmentation incisions at his Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery practice. He specializes in transaxillary breast augmentation, which is only offered by select Tampa breast augmentation surgeons in the area. Dr. Moraitis does not have a personal preference and will discuss the various incision options with you, helping YOU make the decision that is appropriate for your individual needs and desires.

Breast Implant Profiles

Breast implants come in a variety of “profiles” reflecting the amount of forward projection off the chest wall in relation to the width of the implant. Higher profile implants project farther from your chest than low or moderate profile implants per volume. Having these options in breast implant profiles allows Dr. Moraitis, a Tampa breast augmentation specialist, to achieve an appropriate match for your desired breast cup size and your individual body frame. The right implant for you will depend on your body proportions, the width of your chest, the amount of your own breast tissue present and the quality of your skin.

Breast Implant Shape

Dr. Isidoros Moraitis utilizes both round and shaped implants for augmentation. Shaped implants are generally “tear-dropped” (narrow at the top with more projection at the bottom.) The most commonly used Tampa breast implant for cosmetic breast augmentation at Moraitis Plastic Surgery is a smooth, round saline or silicone implant.

Smooth and Textured Breast Implant Surfaces

Breast implants come in both smooth and textured surfaces. Textured implants were designed to help keep the implant from migrating (rotating) in its pocket, and is necessary when utilizing shaped implants. They were also designed to reduce the chance of capsular contracture, but studies have not shown a difference in contracture rates between textured versus smooth implants. Textured implants also may be more easily seen and felt through the skin than smooth implants.

Cosmetic Consultation for Tampa Breast Augmentation Surgery

A cosmetic consultation with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Isidoros Moraitis, to discuss your options for Tampa Breast Augmentation Surgery can help you decide if it is right for you. For more information on Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants in Tampa or to schedule a consultation at our Palm Harbor plastic surgery practice, please contact us by calling (727) 219-9168  today or by completing our contact form to request a personal contact from our office.  We serve patients from all over Southwest Florida and our office is located just 15 miles North of Largo and 11 miles North of Clearwater.  Dr. Moraitis has hospital privileges at many hospitals in the area, but does most of his breast augmentation surgeries in Clear Water, Dunedin or Tarpon Springs, FL.