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Every woman knows that wearing a bra is essentially a daily requirement. For many of us, it is an unwanted additional expense, or an irritating necessity. The matter is only made worse when we choose bras that do not fit our bodies properly. Whether framing your natural form or adjusting to a new shape after breast augmentation surgery, a bra that fits well is essential to ensure comfort, support, and the proper fit of clothing.

The Hazards of an Ill-Fitting Bra

Unfortunately, the vast majority of women tend to choose their bras based on what they think their size is versus obtaining an accurate bust measure. Bras that do not fit well but are worn on a consistent basis tend to result in marks on the skin, increased breast sagging (due to poor support), and sometimes the development of pockets of fat on the back and sides of the body.

Due to lack of proper bust support, an ill-fitting bra can result in increased back pain and poor posture over time. In addition, female athletes and physically active individuals need to make sure to wear bras that offer additional control and prevent movement during activity. Proper breast support during physical activity is important to prevent unnecessary strain on the skin and tissue in this area.

Ensure Comfort after Breast Augmentation

After surgery, many women find that there is a period of adjustment as they are getting used to their new form. After a breast augmentation procedure it is extremely important to wear a bra that fits well during recovery and beyond. The medical professional should be able to provide advice on the type of chest support needed during the recovery process. Once healed, it is important that women re-evaluate their bra size accurately and purchase bras that fit correctly.

In order to ensure ongoing satisfaction with your breast augmentation procedure, it is important to consistently wear bras that fit well. Even individuals who have had breast augmentation procedures can suffer discomfort and poor support as a result of wearing ill-fitting bras. Over time, those who have had breast augmentation procedures may experience a declining sense of satisfaction as ill-fitting bras tend to promote a decrease in skin elasticity.

How Do I Know I Have the Right Size?

There are numerous guides available online that provide instruction on how to measure bra size. For those who want to measure themselves, a flexible measuring tape, such as those used by tailors, is extremely helpful as there are actually three different measurements that need to be taken. In addition, many shops and boutiques that specialize in undergarments and lingerie offer customers the service of measurement prior to purchase.