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Looking for the latest in skin resurfacing and wrinkle treatment in Tampa, FL? The Pearl Laser has been FDA approved since 2007 with better results compared to the Fractional laser resurfacing which has a higher rate of complication and longer recovery period. The Pearl Laser renews the surface of the skin quickly, corrects uneven texture due to sun damage and treats fine lines on your neck and face.

Pearl procedure in Tampa, FL

With the Pearl Laser, pulses of light treat the top skin layer gently removing a portion of skin. This treatment feels like heat on the skin and a natural protective dressing forms on the surface of the skin. The protective dressing peels off over three to five days revealing healthy and vibrant skin.

The laser also emits heat during the treatment to encourage new collagen growth and help plump wrinkles and fine lines. This new collagen growth is continuous for about 6 weeks after your Pearl Laser treatment in Tampa, FL.


Most patients in Palm Harbor, FL benefit from a single treatment of the Pearl Laser while some may opt for two or three treatments. You can resume your daily activities after treatment; however, your face may remain slightly red for up to five days so you may have some social downtime with the treatment.

An ointment is applied after the Pearl Laser treatment for keeping the skin moist. This ointment is required for the first three to five days after treatment. Patients should also limit their exposure to the sun and refrain from wearing makeup until all peeling has resolved.

In Palm Harbor, FL Dr. Moraitis can answer questions related to the Pearl Laser for rejuvenating your face, hands, neck and upper chest.