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Plastic surgeons now consider new surgical techniques for cosmetic patients when it comes to silicone breast augmentation. In Palm Harbor, FL, cosmetic surgeons are implementing a “No Touch” technique. As opposed to other cosmetic approaches, this method offers certain benefits. What makes the “No Touch” technique different? Read on for what this approach offers Florida patients:

Fewer Risks

The “No Touch” procedure uses a Keller Funnel, or a cone device. The Keller Funnel allows plastic surgeons to place silicone implants in the breast without a doctor’s physical touch.  A saline solution is also used to facilitate implant placement. The procedure ultimately includes a lower contamination risk that may limit infection and post-surgical complications, including capsular contraction.

Shorter Procedure

Surgical risks may increase with the length of a procedure. Sources indicate that the “No Touch” technique can lessen the surgery time, resulting in less risk to the patient.

Shorter Recovery

During a “No Touch” breast augmentation technique, surgeons make smaller incisions. Healing of incisions requires less time; patients also notice smaller scars. Patients may return to normal activity in a shorter amount of time.

Cosmetic patients can ask their plastic surgeon about alternative techniques; patients can experience their desired results with a “No Touch” method. Patients can learn more about surgical expectations, results, and risks by keeping up with plastic surgery trends. You can experience more out of your elected procedure and choose methods most suited to you.

In Palm Harbor, Dr. Moraitis offers his patients the “No Touch” approach. To learn more about plastic surgery, techniques, and trends patients can visit his office or call ahead.  Call 727.219.9168 for more information about Moraitis Plastic Surgery.