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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Moraitis

Not all surgeons are created equal. Surgeons can have different backgrounds and specialties; their results may prove better or worse than work by other surgeons. It is important patients look for certain certifications in their surgeon. By examining certification, you can lessen the risk of substandard surgery.

Your Surgeon’s Experience

To become a surgeon, your doctor should have acquired experience. During a consultation, a professional surgeon should be willing to talk about that experience. Upon meeting a surgeon, patients can ask for a resume; they can assure they are in good hands. A doctor’s training and experience can be a good indicator of their skill. A history of their education and residencies are evidence supporting their ability to perform your procedure correctly. In Tampa Bay, Florida, patients are encouraged to read about Dr. Moraitis’ experience on his about page.

Board Certification

Board certification can mean different things in different contexts. According to a recent article by “The American Society of Plastic Surgeons,” education on board certification is important for patients. Different surgeons may be certified by boards that may or may not be professionally recognized. In Tampa, Florida, patients should ask what board certification their surgeon possesses. As a Palm Harbor plastic surgeon, Dr. Moraitis holds board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

In coordination, experience and certification can keep your body safer. Before your procedure, examine your surgeon’s credentials.