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Mom and Little Girl Taking a Selfie and SmilingWith constant updates from celebrities and social media, new mommies are feeling the pressure to drop their baby weight within a few weeks after giving birth. With daily Instagram photos from the likes of Kim Kardashian, women are faced with seemingly unattainable expectations to lose the baby weight.

Experts still ponder if this intense societal pressure to get back to a pre-pregnancy figure is due to the media, or simply new mommies wanting to get their self-confidence back. A recent online survey was used to find out more about the psychology behind a Mommy Makeover. Women of all ages were surveyed; 99.5% of them had undergone surgical procedures after their pregnancies and 85% of these women had more than 2 pregnancies.

If you are looking to get back in shape and your exercise and a diet regimen has not helped you can contact Dr. Moraitis to learn more about Mommy Makeover procedures. Dr. Moraitis is an expert in helping women in Tampa, FL regain their pre-pregnancy body.