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Woman with Short Brown Hair with Red Lipstick in LingerieThe body’s skin is resilient. As we grow, it stretches to accommodate our new size. When a Clearwater woman is pregnant, her breast and belly skin grow to accommodate the physical changes in her breasts and abdomen, then stretch back after breastfeeding and pregnancy have ceased. And when we gain or lose a significant amount of weight, our skin adjusts then, too.

But our skin isn’t perfect. For some Clearwater women, life after pregnancy means having an abdomen with loose, excess belly skin and drooping fatty deposits. For other residents who’ve undergone a significant amount of weight loss – either with or without bariatric surgery – the abdomen can also display telltale signs that it used to be bigger.

Thankfully, there’s a plastic surgery fix for abdomens with excess skin and fat. A tummy tuck, which is sometimes called an abdominoplasty surgery, allows Clearwater plastic surgeon, Dr. Moraitis of Moraitis Plastic Surgery, to excise unwanted, excess skin and belly fat. Whether you’re a postpartum mother who just wasn’t able to get back into pre-pregnancy shape based on your own diet or exercise efforts, or you are local male or female resident who has recently lost a lot of weight in your abdominal region, abdominoplasty surgery by Dr. Moraitis can transform your abdomen and give you a sleeker, beach-ready physique.

About the Tummy Tuck Procedure

A tummy tuck isn’t just a plastic surgery procedure for women. Clearwater men have the procedure performed, too. The surgery starts when Dr. Moraitis makes a hip to hip incision under what is traditionally called the “bikini line” on a female’s body. This term basically means if you’re a woman and you get an abdominoplasty, you can still wear an itsy-bitsy bikini to the beach, and no one will be able to see your plastic surgery scar.

Once Dr. Moraitis has performed the tummy tuck incision and given himself access to the abdomen, the real work begins. If you have diastasis recti, also called separated abdominal muscles, Dr. Moraitis will stitch them up in a corset-like fashion. This phenomenon is a common complication of pregnancy and frequently performed on Clearwater moms who are certain they’re no longer having any additional children.

Next comes the part of the surgery every patient loves – the excision of that unwanted loose and sagging belly skin and fat. With a couple of strategically placed incisions, this unwanted skin and fat are gone for good. Once Dr. Moraitis has completed these steps, he sutures up your initial incision, and your tummy tuck is complete. You’ll be wheeled from the operating room to a recovery room, where you’ll wake up from the general anesthesia that initially put you to sleep for your procedure, and have your vitals monitored for an hour or so to make sure it’s safe to send you home for 1-2 full weeks of rest, relaxation and recovery.

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The best thing about an abdominoplasty surgery is that unless you tell someone you’ve had the procedure done, they’ll be none the wiser. When they see you at the beach or in a cute midriff around town, they’ll just think you’ve been working hard on toning up your core muscles. Your incision will be completely hidden from anyone you don’t want to see it.

If you’re ready to say “Goodbye!” to excess belly skin and fat, then it’s time to say “Hello!” to Moraitis Plastic Surgery. During an initial consultation with Dr. Moraitis, he’ll evaluate your abdomen, listen to your concerns, explain the procedure to you, and give you his educated estimate on the results your custom-tailored surgery will be able to provide.

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