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In Tampa and Palm Harbor, cosmetic patients may find themselves with an audience. Perhaps at the pool someone notices your new swimwear. Or, your partner sees you working out at the gym. People are bound to notice. Responding to a sensitive audience can be intimidating. So, how do you tactfully broach the subject?

Telling Your Friends and Family

If you know certain people in your life will notice your new appearance, it is important to address them in a timely fashion. Waiting for them to notice on their own, or for someone else to spill your news can be stressful. Telling them directly can be self-validating and show conscientious towards your audience. No matter if it’s “Good for you!” or “Really?” their responses come from your invitation. Being up front has its perks!

Talking with Acquaintances

Some acquaintances may openly compliment you on your new look. “Wow! You look really great today!” or “Did you lose some weight?” These conversations can be awkward or rewarding, depending on your approach. Whatever your personal reaction, it is always a good idea to be open-minded; simply listen and smile.  A “Thanks” is usually fine, but you can always talk more depending on your comfort level.

Remember Your “Why”

Getting a lot of different opinions? Remembering why you chose cosmetic surgery can help you explain and talk to others about it. Even if you don’t outright explain your reason, knowing it yourself can help you feel confident in your conversation. Talking about your surgery might be rewarding, awkward, or both. But, ultimately, it is important to remember that your opinions and results are what matter most!