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When it comes to your decision to have breast augmentation surgery with a Board Certified Tampa Breast Augmentation Surgeon, you have several decisions to make. What type of breast implant do you want? Saline or Silicone? What size implant do you want? Do you want to utilize an incision under the breast (inframammary), around the base of the areola (periareolar), or under the armpit (transaxillary)? Like hundreds of thousands of women, you are considering a natural look and feel of silicone implants and would love to limit the size of the incision necessary for your surgery.

The fact that you are researching this means you are interested in the most advanced and up to date procedures and techniques available. Designed by a plastic surgeon, The Keller Funnel™ offers a gentler approach to placement of silicone gel implants during your breast augmentation surgery.

Aesthetic and safety benefits of the Keller Funnel™ include:

  1. Shorter incision lengths
  2. No-touch technique
  3. More choices for incision placement
  4. reduced force on the implant and incision

First introduced in 2009, The Keller Funnel™ is a soft, sterile device shaped like a funnel that facilitates placement of your silicone breast implant into your breast pocket utilizing a shorter incision and reducing the stress on the implant shell and skin incision. With the ability to make a smaller incision and still utilize larger implants, it opens up the possibility for women to increase the volume of implant that would typically not fit in the traditional smaller axillary or periareolar incision. Using this no-touch technique is also believed to reduce your risk of capsular contracture.

For more information and to inquire whether you may benefit from the Keller Funnel™, contact a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience with Keller Funnel™ Breast Augmentation like Tampa Breast Surgeon, Dr. Isidoros Moraitis at 727-773-9796 or email