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Did you know, weather change can affect your skin? March 20 marked the first day of spring and a shift in the temperature. In Palm Harbor, FL, warmer days are approaching and patients may begin wearing lightweight clothing that shows more skin. However, before wearing the lighter clothing, patients may desire to prepare their skin. Read on about the ways weather can play a role in skin appearance.


Humidity can affect skin appearance. Colder months can mean lower humidity which can cause the skin to become drier and duller. Skin may suffer from areas of redness or excess dry skin cells which can plug pores and cause acne. (Some science articles suggest that winter is considered the worst season for acne).


Winter months lack the sunlight often seen during the summer months. Without this sunlight, skin can dry out and become dull. Also, after periods of limited sun exposure, the skin’s melanin, or natural sun protectant may not be in high production. The skin becomes more prone to sunburn and other weather related damage. As warmer, sunnier months arrive, patients may seek sun protection products and methods to treat the skin.


During the cooler months, many Florida residents become more sedentary. Although not a direct result of the weather, patients may notice skin change (as they go outside less often, participate in fewer sports, or frequent the gym less often). Less activity may cause less circulation to the skin, and cooler temperatures can create the undesirable dry and dull look.

Patients desiring cosmetic skincare, to alter their seasonal skin appearance, can come to the office and learn about varying skin options. At Moraitis Plastic Surgery, we can provide treatments for your spring skin desires. For more information about skincare options call our office at (727) 219-9168; patients can schedule a consultation and learn about spring skin.