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Smiling Mature Woman in Beige SweaterAs Dr. Moraitis’ Clearwater facelift patients can attest – this facial plastic surgery procedure can take years off your appearance. With his skill and experience, Dr. Moraitis is typically able to provide his patients with a fresh new look that makes them appear between 10 to 15 years younger than they actually are!

Many Clearwater residents who consult with Dr. Moraitis have a particular question they ask him during their initial consultation – “Are the results from this plastic surgery permanent?” To answer, Dr. Moraitis explains that, while a facelift will remove the unwanted sagging skin in the mid to lower face and neck, and wrinkles around the mid to lower face, the aging process never stops. This means, depending on what age you have a procedure, you may consider a follow-up surgery a decade or so later.

What a Facelift Can Do

For Clearwater patients desiring to put a more youthful face forward, facial plastic surgery can:

  • Make you appear younger – but not so much younger that your results look unnatural
  • Allow you to look good for your age, rather than “wind-blown”
  • Remove unwanted sagging skin in the mid to lower face and neck
  • Address sunken and hollow cheeks
  • Remove wrinkles in the mid to lower face

Together, these results can make you look and feel great – no matter what the date of birth is on your driver’s license!

What a Facelift Can’t Do

Some Clearwater residents mistakenly believe that once they get facial plastic surgery, they’ll never have to worry about signs of aging again. Unfortunately, this is not true. While Dr. Moraitis’ skills and techniques can make you look great and more youthful, the aging process will continue.

However, many facelift patients find that once they have undergone a facelift, years later that they may only need a minimally invasive procedure to maintain results. This means it’s worthwhile to invest in the initial plastic surgery – even though the aging process won’t stop – because you’ll likely only require a mini-lift in the future.

Becoming a Patient of Dr. Moraitis

Whether you desire facial plastic surgery or another cosmetic procedure, Dr. Moraitis has criteria for his patients to meet in order to schedule surgery. This is to ensure your overall health and safety during the procedure, as well as optimal healing.

To be a candidate for Facelift Surgery with Dr. Moraitis, you will need to:

  • Be in good general medical health
  • Obtain medical clearance, including basic blood work, from your primary care physician
  • Abstain from nicotine products, as smoking, chewing tobacco, or vaping can complicate your surgery and delay your healing process

Schedule an Initial Consultation Today

If you want to turn back the hands of time on your face and you believe you meet Dr. Moraitis’ surgical criteria, we’d love to see you at Moraitis Plastic Surgery for an initial consultation. Schedule this appointment today by calling (727) 773-9796.