Smiling Mature Woman in Black GlassesClearwater men and women may have several parts of their faces that they wish to address via a facelift. Some have sagging cheeks and jowls that they’d like to get rid of or tighten up. Others have lost facial volume over time, and want their faces to look full again. And still, others may have significant signs of aging such as deep wrinkles, folds or creases that they’d like to eliminate. Whatever facial feature or features you’d like to correct, with 15 years of plastic surgery experience, Dr. Moraitis is the man for the job!

About Dr. Moraitis

Dr. Moraitis is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He has a degree from the prestigious Creighton University in Nebraska and completed his M.D. at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. To complete his surgical training, Dr. Moraitis held a Plastic Surgery Fellowship at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and studied under renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Schulman by completing an Aesthetic Surgery Externship at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, New York. His extensive education and training and over 15 years of plastic surgery experience make him the perfect plastic surgeon to perform Clearwater men and women’s facelifts.

Dr. Moraitis’ Approach to Facelifts

When Clearwater men and women visit Moraitis Plastic Surgery for a consultation, Dr. Moraitis explains his unique approach to facelifts, which include:

  • Aiming to turn back the hands of time between 10 and 15 years;*
  • Making you look like the best version of yourself for your age;*
  • Avoiding the “done up” or windblown look; and
  • Hiding incisions and scars underneath your chin or in your hairline, above and around your ear.

Your Initial Consultation with Dr. Moraitis

When you first meet with Dr. Moraitis, he will ask you a lot of questions about your medical history (to ensure you are a proper candidate for a Clearwater facelift), your problem areas, and your desired results. Dr. Moraitis will then formulate a personalized treatment plan for you based on the results you want to achieve, and explain the proposed procedure to you, including your recovery process.

Am I A Good Candidate for a Clearwater Facelift?

Dr. Moraitis has to be honest – not everyone who seeks him out for a facelift is a good candidate for the procedure. Your health and safety is his primary concern, which is why Dr. Moraitis screens every potential patient. Criteria for becoming a patient of Dr. Moraitis’ include:

  • Fully disclosing your medical health
  • Passing a pre-op appointment with your general physician to ensure you are healthy enough for elective surgery and to undergo general anesthesia
  • Listening to Dr. Moraitis about the proposed treatment plan and specific techniques he’ll use for your surgery
  • Communicating that you have realistic results for your specific procedure

Schedule Your Initial Consultation Today

The very first step to getting a facelift is scheduling an initial consultation with Dr. Moraitis to ensure that the two of you are a good match.

To schedule this appointment today, call our Clearwater office at (727) 773-9796.

*Individual Results May Vary