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Is there some psychological reason as to why women choose to have a mommy makeover? And when choosing a plastic surgeon, which is more important: The ability to meet the patient’s emotional needs or competency?
Without a doubt, pregnancy changes a woman’s body. Unfortunately, browse the Internet and you’ll find numerous photos of women with rock-hard abs holding a newborn. It’s hard not to feel pressure to drop weight and tighten up just weeks after giving birth. Therefore, many women are turning to the “mommy makeover.”

When searching for a cosmetic surgeon, the surgeon’s competency is important, as you will live with your results for a lifetime. But the mommy makeover is an emotional decision as well, and just as important in the minds of patients when describing their ideal surgeon after “experienced,” are the qualities of “honest” and “caring.” And other emotional words, such as “kind” and “nice” rank just as high as “perfectionist” and “competent.”

Palm Harbor cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Moraitis, understands just how emotional any cosmetic surgery procedure can be. As well as addressing your surgical needs, Dr. Moraitis can also speak to your emotional and psychological needs. He understands that the decision to undergo any cosmetic surgery is an emotional one, and the mommy makeover is no exception.