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Congratulations! You’ve won the battle of the bulge and have reached your goal weight. However, you probably are still not happy with your appearance, because the dramatic change in your weight has left you with saggy skin.

At this point, it may seem like you just can’t win. You did everything right, and yet your body still isn’t where you want it to be. With a little help from Dr. Moraitis in Palm Harbor, Florida, you can be on your way to achieving the results you’ve always wanted with excess skin removal surgery for various parts of your body.

There are both pros and cons to consider regarding any excess skin removal surgery. The pros include better-fitting clothes, getting rid of skin that may be causing rashes and chafing and improved confidence. The cons include permanent scarring as well as the responsibility to keep up your new look with exercise and dieting. It won’t stick if you gain the weight back or lead an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s also important to realize that sometimes aging also affects the post-procedure body.

Following a significant change in your weight, Dr. Moraitis can perform post-bariatric contouring, which involves focusing on trouble areas on your body and eliminating them with a combination of skin removal and liposuction.

Along with liposuction, you have additional options when it comes to dealing with excess skin. It depends on what you wish to achieve, but the many surgeries include:

  • Thigh lift, which involves eliminating the excess skin in the thighs. The incision Dr. Moraitis makes will be based on where the problem areas are located. Liposuction, in conjunction with a thigh lift is a common practice.
  • Arm lift, which is for women who feel self-conscious in sleeveless shirts and dresses. Dr. Moraitis will make an incision from your elbow to the underarm. Note: You might have to wear compression garments to alleviate swelling after the procedure.
  • Posterior body lift, which will remove the skin in your lower back and flank regions. An incision is made at or near your belt line, and Dr. Moraitis may suggest liposuction as well.

• A tummy tuck will tighten and flatten your abdominal region.

  • Breast surgery, which could mean a reduction, lift or both.
  • Facial surgeries, like a neck lift or facelift, will make you look younger and more refreshed.

If you have any concerns about your surgery beforehand, consult with Dr. Moraitis. That way, you can go in with a clear mind and come out looking like the best version of yourself.