“Less is more” seems to be the trend these days when it comes to influencing women’s decision on what size breast implant they choose.  In fact, we have seen a recent increase in women who come to East Lake Plastic Surgery Center desiring more conservative, natural-looking Breast Augmentation results.  Some women who already have breast implants are coming to see Dr. Moraitis to exchange them for smaller volume implants.  One of the reasons our patients state they are choosing a more natural-looking cup size is that they want to enhance their breasts, but still look real.

Unnaturally large breasts is sometimes a sign that someone has implants.  Other ‘giveaways’ may be that the implants are sitting too high or too close to each other, causing the breasts to look augmented.  Overfilling saline implants can make the breasts too firm-looking and creating a space too small for the implant to sit in the breast can limit the “natural movement” of the breast causing them to look “fake”. However, some patients desire this augmented look and seek larger breast implants for their augmentation procedure.

At East Lake Plastic Surgery Center in Palm Harbor, Dr. Moraitis specializes in providing a natural, proportionate look to augmented breasts. Through a thorough discussion and evaluation with you, Dr. Moraitis is able to guide you in your decision for implant and cup size.  During your surgery, Dr. Moraitis utilizes a temporary implant, or sizer, to help determine the best selection of implant/ implant size to achieve your desired look.

If you are considering Breast Augmentation surgery and would like to discuss your individual options with Dr. Isidoros Moraitis, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Tampa, FL, please contact our office by calling 727-773-9796 or emailing us at info@drmoraitis.com.