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Womans Flat Tummy with Hands on Waist's Flat Tummy with Hands on WaistOne of the most common complications from pregnancy that Pinellas County moms experience is called diastasis recti, also known as separated abdominal muscles. This common complication occurs when there’s a vertical separation between the abdominal muscles which happens as a result from the strains of pregnancy on the abdomen, often leaving moms with a telltale gap or bulge in their abdomen.

Every year, Dr. Moraitis meets with many women who are experiencing diastasis recti after a pregnancy and are curious if a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can repair the issue. The answer is “Yes!” In fact, stitching up separated abdominal muscles is one of the top reasons that new local moms seek out this popular plastic surgery.

Why is Plastic Surgery a Good Option for Resolving Diastasis Recti?

Separated abdominal muscles are a tricky issue to resolve on your own. Sometimes, the muscles do come closer together on their own, and other times physical therapy could be helpful. But for most Pinellas County women, the separation between their abdominal muscles will still be obvious after a year or more after their baby has arrived.

Getting a tummy tuck is a permanent solution for fixing separated abdominal muscles, so long as you time the surgery correctly. During the procedure, Dr. Moraitis makes a hip to hip incision below the bikini line. This long incision gives him access to the abdominal muscles which, when separated, he stitches back together in a corset-like manner.

As an added bonus, a tummy tuck can also resolve additional issues that postpartum mothers often experience, including removing loose or sagging abdominal skin that hasn’t “snapped back” into place after mom has returned to her pre-baby weight.

The Importance of Waiting to Get a Tummy Tuck Until After You’re Done Having Kids

Sometimes, Pinellas County moms ask Dr. Moraitis if they can get an abdominoplasty after baby #1, and still have additional children at some point later. While there’s nothing about this plastic surgery procedure that makes future pregnancies complicated or difficult, Dr. Moraitis tells moms they should wait to have the procedure performed until they’re certain they’re done having children.

The reason Dr. Moraitis wants his patients to wait to have a tummy tuck is that he wants his Pinellas County moms to have long-lasting results from their surgery. If you have the surgery after one baby to fix separated abdominal muscles, get great results, and then get pregnant again, it’s possible that the subsequent pregnancy will cause diastasis recti (or loose and sagging abdominal skin) to occur again! You don’t want to invest in an elective plastic surgery only to have a future pregnancy negate the results, and Dr. Moraitis doesn’t want you to, either.

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Whether you want confirmation that you’re experiencing diastasis recti, or you’re done having children and are ready to regain your pre-baby abdomen through abdominoplasty surgery, Dr. Moraitis is happy to meet with you and discuss your options.

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