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Woman in a black and orange striped bikini at the beach holding a ballMany of the tummy tuck patients Dr. Moraitis sees at his Palm Harbor And Clearwater area office have been working incredibly hard for many years, trying to achieve a slim, contoured abdomen. However, this is easier said than done for many. Even if you live a healthy and active lifestyle, there are just some areas of the body that don’t respond to diet and exercise.

One of the most common questions Dr. Moraitis hears from his active Palm Harbor And Clearwater patients is centered around getting back to their normal exercise routine after their tummy tuck. He completely understands and knows how hard it is to keep active people still for long, so we’re taking time now to answer this question so you can know what to expect.

Physical Activity Immediately Following Your Tummy Tuck

After having surgery on your abdominal muscles, you truly won’t feel like getting up to do much. It’s important that you rest and take the time needed to allow your body to properly heal after your tummy tuck. As you know, your core muscles control most of your major movements, and they will be sore for several weeks following your surgery. It’s important that you follow Dr. Moraitis’ post-op instructions carefully after your surgery to ensure you recover properly and don’t experience any complications.

The first week following your tummy tuck, be sure to avoid lifting anything over 10 pounds. Lifting too much too soon can cause you to not only injure your abdomen or your wound closure, but it could also cause you to injure another area of your body. Be smart, rest, and allow others to help you during your recovery.

Take Your Time

No matter what your type of exercise routine was prior to your tummy tuck with Dr. Moraitis, you need to be prepared to take your time and work your way back to your routine slowly. Dr. Moraitis recommends his Palm Harbor And Clearwater patients begin with exercises that involve low-impact movements such as short, slow walks, and even just sitting down in a chair and getting back up. Do not lift weights for several weeks and avoid any exercises that target your abdominal muscles for at least 6 weeks. Allow your body time to heal and get used to exercising again. Don’t push yourself during this stage.

Resuming Your Normal Exercise Routine

Once Dr. Moraitis has cleared you to return to your normal exercise routine after your tummy tuck, it’s still important to take it slow. Don’t jump in where you left off. Your body still needs time to get back into the swing of things, and doing too much too soon could cause injury. Be careful with exercises that target your abdominal muscles and listen to your body. If it says “stop,” then stop.

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