So you’ve decided that you want a breast augmentation or some sort of cosmetic procedure. All you have to do is open the phone book or perform a Google search to find a plastic surgeon, right? Wrong – finding a plastic surgeon to give you the look you’ve always wanted isn’t necessarily as easy as it seems. While there are many “cosmetic surgeons” practicing, the reality is that many of them are not board certified. If you want to love your look and be safe while getting it, it’s important to work with a qualified plastic surgeon. Here are some tips to help you find a plastic surgeon for your needs.

  • Ensure the surgeon is board certified. There are many fancy licenses and titles that physicians can put behind their name, but when it comes to plastic surgery, the primary qualification that matters is that they are a board certified plastic surgeon. Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery distinguishes a physician as one who is specifically trained to perform plastic surgery with high success rates and low rates of complications. They have a degree from an accredited medical school and went through further training and preparation specifically for plastic surgery.
  • Ask key questions. One of the key determinants of professional success with any medical care provider is clear communication. Aside from inquiring about certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, you’ll want to ask questions such as:
    • How many years of training or experience have you had?
    • Am I a good candidate for the procedure that I want?
    • What surgical techniques do you recommend to achieve my desired look?
    • What’s the recovery period and what are the risks? How are potential complications handled?
    • Are there any options if I am dissatisfied with the outcome of the surgery?
  • Work with someone you trust. When you work to achieve the look you’ve always wanted, it’s crucial to work only with a plastic surgeon that you trust. Experience, accreditation, and adherence to the medical code of ethics are crucial things to look for as you search for a surgeon that you can trust.

At Moraitis Plastic Surgery, you can enhance your natural beauty resting assured that you’re receiving treatment from a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience and expertise. Your beauty and safety come first in every procedure that we perform, so be sure to contact us today!