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Getting breast implants is an exciting chance to achieve the feminine figure of your dreams, but there are many things to consider before making a choice. Many women have concerns about the procedure’s effect on areolas. Sadly, the answer is not straightforward. As breast implants are generally larger than natural breasts, areolas can stretch some to accommodate this change in size. Because every woman’s body is different, the results will differ for everyone. Not to worry – let’s take a look at some common concerns.

My Areolas Are Perfect – And I Want to Keep it That Way

If you are confident in the appearance of your areolas and are not about to risk imperfection, it’s important to specifically discuss this concern with your board-certified surgeon. Make sure to emphasize the importance of maintaining your current proportion (just on a larger scale) after surgery. Remember that the size of your implants can contribute to a noticeable change in areola size. If maintaining your current appearance is of high importance, consider choosing an implant that is not drastically larger than your natural size.

My Areolas Are Not Symmetrical

If your areolas are not naturally symmetrical, there’s great news! Board-certified surgeons encounter this problem more often than you may realize. Make sure to tell your surgeon if you desire areola repositioning during your breast augmentation. Experienced surgeons are able to calculate current and desired areola proportions to ensure you are satisfied with your new look. Achieving areolar symmetry will boost your overall satisfaction with the process.

My Areolas Are Naturally Too Small

Some women feel as though their natural areolas are too small. As a result, the idea of having breast augmentation surgery leads to concerns about areolas appearing smaller in comparison to their newly full bust. Fortunately, areolas can stretch to some degree after breast augmentation, which helps achieve a proportionate appearance. Make sure to discuss this concern with your board-certified surgeon.

My Areolas Are Naturally Too Big

In addition to having naturally large areolas, many life factors can affect the appearance of areolas including pregnancy, breastfeeding, and natural loss of elasticity. Many women who were previously unhappy with their areolas are pleasantly surprised at their new proportions and appearance after getting breast implants. Additionally, an areolar reduction procedure may be a smart addition to your surgery. Make sure to ask your surgeon about these options prior to scheduling your breast augmentation.