In Palm Harbor, Florida, some patients desire to learn more about the field of plastic surgery. For information about what procedures are most popular, what types of procedures patients are choosing, and the approximate age of patients, you can visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons at or the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at

As two cosmetic sources, they offer information about procedures, trends, and results. Patients can read more about developments in the plastic surgery field; they can learn more about new procedures, options, and legislation all centered in plastic surgery. It is important patients understand the different aspects and possibilities of cosmetic procedures.

Another source for trending information can be found on websites like PR Newswire. A recent article highlighted predictions for 2015. Some of these predictions included the following:

New Procedures:

A new procedure may be available this year; a non-surgical option minimizing chin fat and tissue. In addition, a new form of Botox® Cosmetic may also be available for patients.

Popular Procedures:

Predictions include seeing an increase in some procedures offered by cosmetic surgeons. An increase in the number of fat grafting procedures and eye related procedures can be expected during 2015.

Names of Procedures:

A third prediction includes the blurring of procedures. Patients and surgeons originally differentiating between cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries may be fewer. A Rhinoplasty, for example, may no longer be divided into functional or aesthetic nose surgeries; rather it may be combined under one name when listed by the provider.

Every source may offer different predictions and statistics about plastic surgery topics. To learn more about what is happening in the field, patients can read more about individual procedures online or visit our office. Ask our staff about what new trends in the industry are on the horizon.