For people who have excess fat and skin in their abdominal regions that exercise and dieting have no effect on, a tummy tuck can be a helpful way of getting a more toned look. 

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat while also tightening the muscles in the region. If you are close to your ideal weight but need help with fat and extra skin, consider a tummy tuck. 

At Moraitis Plastic Surgery, Dr. Moraitis has over 20 years of experience performing tummy tucks, and he is ready to help patients in the Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and New Port Richey, FL, areas. 

The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck offers many benefits, including a boost in your confidence. Tummy tucks can:

  • Eliminate abdominal stretch marks
  • Strengthen abdominal muscles
  • Improve the appearance of your abdomen
  • Improve your posture
  • Reduce sagging skin 
  • Produce a firmer midsection
  • Improve control over your bodily functions
  • Decrease back discomfort 

Because it strengthens abdominal muscles, a tummy tuck can help prevent hernias and relieve stress urinary incontinence. And the better posture that results from the procedure can help with spine issues and balance concerns. 

Am I a Good Candidate?

To be able to undergo a tummy tuck, there are some specifications that make you a good candidate. These include:

  • Being in good physical and mental health
  • Having realistic expectations
  • Not having serious medical conditions 
  • Not smoking
  • Having excess abdominal fat or skin 
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Not planning on losing more weight 
  • Being within 10-15 pounds of your ideal weight

You may not be a good candidate for this procedure if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you are overweight, or if you have untreated serious medical conditions.

Tummy Tuck Explained

A tummy tuck — whether a full or a mini — addresses excess skin and fat as well as abdominal muscle separation. Learn more about what you can expect. 

The Consultation

To ensure that you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck, Dr. Moraitis will schedule a consultation. He will ask for your full medical history, a list of the medications and supplements you take, and whether you have had any cosmetic procedures in the past. This is also a good time for you to ask questions about the surgery. 

How Can I Prepare?

To prepare for a tummy tuck, you need to make sure you do not take any blood-thinning medications for at least two weeks before the procedure. If you smoke, stop so that it doesn’t interfere with your recovery. 

You will receive general anesthesia for a tummy tuck, so you will need to have someone drive you home. Arrange this before the day of the surgery. 

What Is Surgery Like?

When you arrive at Moraitis Plastic Surgery, make sure not to wear makeup, contact lenses, or jewelry. You will receive general anesthesia, and then the procedure will begin. Dr. Moraitis will tighten muscles and remove the excess fat and skin, and then he will close up the incision. You will then spend about an hour in a recovery room before you are discharged to go home. 

What Is Recovery Like?

During your recovery, you will have to wear a compression garment to support your abdomen. Dr. Moraitis will tell you how to manage the bandages, and you will need to get lots of rest and avoid strenuous activities for at least six weeks. However, it is important to walk around each day to promote circulation in the body. 

Other Things to Consider Before Getting a Tummy Tuck

Getting a tummy tuck is an important decision, so there are a few other things to consider. 

Tummy Tuck Options: Which Is Better for Me?

There are two main types of tummy tucks. The one that is suited for you will depend on the goals you want to achieve and where the extra skin and fat are located. 

Full Tummy Tuck

A full tummy tuck deals with skin laxity, muscles, and fat from the ribcage down. If you have muscle separation or a large amount of excess fat in the area, the full tummy tuck is the right choice. 

Mini Tummy Tuck

This type of tummy tuck targets fat and excess skin from the belly button down. This option is best suited for people who have a smaller amount of excess skin and fat. 

Will My Tummy Tuck Scar Fade Away on Its Own?

Dr. Moraitis is a double-board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience performing tummy tucks and knows the right techniques to make the scars as minimal as possible. He will also use any previous scars, such as those from cesarean sections, to avoid extra scarring. It is also crucial to follow aftercare instructions to reduce the appearance of scars. 

Can a Tummy Tuck Be Performed in Combination with Other Procedures?

A tummy tuck can be part of a mommy makeover, which also includes breast augmentation. If you want to get an even smoother look and more fat reduction, you can get a tummy tuck with CoolSculpting®.

You’re in Good Hands With Moraitis Plastic Surgery

Dr. Moraitis is ready to help with your aesthetic concerns. Moraitis Plastic Surgery serves the areas of Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and New Port Richey, FL, offering surgical and non-surgical procedures. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.