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As a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in Tampa Breast Implants, I often get asked about the different types of implants available. First let me say that not all gel implants are created equally.  With the recent introduction of Natrelle’s Style 410 breast implant, also known as a “gummy bear” implant or “gummies”, you have more options.  This newly released gummy bear implant is a shaped, form-stable silicone gel breast implant.  The form stability of this silicone gel provides increased cohesiveness (firmness) of the gel filler which allows the implant to maintain its shape in an upright position and avoid upper pole breast deflation and folding or collapse of the implant shell.

Advantages of Natrelle’s Style 410 gummy bear implants are that they will help maintain the shape of the upper pole of your breasts, create a less rounding effect and a more natural shape.  Also, the leak or rupture rate of these implants may be lower than other silicone gel breast implants available and capsular contracture rates were found to be extremely low with Style 410.

Disadvantages of gummy bear implants may be that, because they are shaped implants, the type of placement required for this implant does not allow for movement of the implant, the increased firmness of the implant may be more noticeable, and a larger incision is required for insertion.

So, are gummy bear or gummy implants right for you?  You will want to discuss this with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at a consultation.  To determine the best breast implant option for you, your surgeon will evaluate your anatomy, discuss your goals from Breast Augmentation surgery and explain why a certain style, fill or profile of implant may be best for you.  For certain woman, the Style 410 gummy bears may be a great choice.  But certainly, with the new release of these implants, they will offer a great addition to the already existing options available for your Breast Augmentation surgery. For reconstructive breast surgery, they will play a significant role in correction of volume lost after mastectomy.

These gummy bear silicone gel implants are now available in 12 different contour forms/volumes, providing more options for your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to select the best implant for your needs.  Style 410’s are now one of four FDA approved silicone gel breast implants available in the US.  Mentor Corporation and Sientra are two other manufacturers offering FDA approved silicone gel breast implants.

To learn more about your Breast augmentation and implant options, including the newly released Natrelle Style 410 gummy bear implants, schedule a consultation with a Board Certified Tampa Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Isidoros Moraitis of Moraitis Plastic Surgery in Palm Harbor.